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Packages are .NET Assemblies that ReCT can read and use.
There are a lot of System Packages you can, use but it is also possible to make your own Packages in any .NET compatible language. (More about that Here)

Adding a Package

To add a Package to your Project, just use the 'package' statement
Adding a Package could look like this:

package sys;

Now that you have added a Package, you can access the things inside it by calling it's Namespace.
For example:

sys::Print("Hello World!");

'Use'-ing a Package

By 'Use'-ing a package you don't need to call it's Namespace when accessing it. You can use a Package by using the 'use' statement as shown below.

package sys; use sys;

Now when we go back to the example from earlier, we dont have to call it's namespace:

Print("Hello World!");