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Download The Compiler

> ReCTManager install

$ pamac build rctc

$ tap install rctc

Install Instructions for Windows

On Windows, RCTC can be installed and updated using the ReCTManager tool.

> ReCTManager.exe install <directory>

Updates can be installed by running ReCTManager in the install directory:

> ReCTManager.exe update

(you can find more info by running ReCTManager with the -h flag)

Install Instructions for Arch-based systems

On Arch, RCTC can be installed and updated from the AUR using, for example, pamac.

$ pamac build rctc

Install Instructions for Debian-based systems

On Debian, RCTC can be installed from the MPR. At the time of writing this there isnt a fully featured MPR helper yet but you can install the package manually.

$ git clone

In the cloned directory, run makedeb:

$ makedeb -s

And then finally, install the package using dpkg:

# dpkg -i <package file>

Why are there no precompiled binaries?

There used to be, but with ReCT supporting more platforms and more releases coming out, the work required to build and package everything everytime was just way too much to be enjoyable.
This way you can always be up to date with the newest features and bugfixes without having to wait for me :)

What do i need to build?

If you’re on Linux (Arch based or Debian based) you will just need an AUR or MPR package manager.

If you’re on Windows make sure to have the Dotnet Core SDK v3.1 installed and then just get the ReCTManager tool from this site.